Visual design, graphics, apparel, objects, templates and systems.

Icons and logos
A selection of logos, icons, and UI graphics. I have longer case studies available if you would like more information behind the marks.
I enjoy designing physical products. I've had the opportunity to work on many projects, overseeing them from design through to production. Including a wide range of items such as socks, coasters, cards, enamel pins, stickers, shirts, backpacks, bags, as well as unique items like coloring books, hair scrunchies, a cereal box, 3D molded toys, and puzzles.

The brief

This work was part of a larger effort to empower other teams and vendors to design their own posts and ads. This initiative helped ensure that outside creative stayed on-brand, met a standard of quality, and allowed our design team to focus on larger projects.

My role

I have compiled style guides, templates, hundreds of sample ads, and social posts to assist both designers and non-designers in crafting visuals. We leveraged platforms such as Canva, Loom and Figma to make templates, trainings and components. Components allowed thetoggling options on and off as needed while automatically adjusting the layout size and positioning.