UI design, UX research, and design systems for desktop and mobile.

Kia is a global automotive manufacturer that was making a significant push with US sales. Our agency team was assigned the task of reimagining Kia's North America website with a modern and responsive design. We delivered designs across four breakpoints: desktop, tablet horizontal, tablet vertical, and mobile.

My role

I was part of a small team of visual designers working on the project. We collaborated closely with UX designers, developing detailed designs to present to the client in keynote presentations. Additionally, we worked closely with tech associates to annotate the designs and oversaw the build process, providing valuable feedback to our in-house development team.

During the scrum process, designers were assigned pages to work on during their sprint. Some of my pages are below. Moreover, I played a role in ensuring consistent component styles across our team, and contributed to the development of a responsive CMS component system for editorial pages that couldn't be designed individually.
U.S. Bank is a major financial institution prominent on the West Coast. I was part of an agency team tasked with redesigning web pages for U.S. Bank, adhering to their new brand standards. In addition to the website redesign, we also collaborated on special digital projects and apps. Our deliverables included both desktop and mobile views.

My role

I worked as a UX and visual designer on numerous pages for U.S. Bank. We began with wireframe concepts and iterated through multiple options of functionality and content before moving on to detailed visual design. The pages often featured complex elements, such as tables, detailed legal disclaimers, and calculators, which required meticulous attention to detail.

Additionally, I was responsible for photo selection, retouching, and icon design. The deliverables included both desktop and mobile views, to be developed by U.S. Bank's in-house team. Also shown are UI screens for a bot that utilized AI to provide recommendations based on past purchases. This mobile app gave users personalized shopping suggestions and tips.
Twilio is a company that offers communication APIs which developers can implement to enhance customer engagement features in their apps. As a member of the Twilio brand team, I designed numerous marketing pages for the company during its earlier stages when a small group of designers handled all the work. Over time, the web team expanded into a larger organization.

My role

Our internal team of designers and developers was responsible for designing and maintaining all the marketing pages for Twilio. My role involved working on new pages for product launches, crafting landing pages targeted at specific verticals, developing company pages that conveyed our culture, and creating templates for downloads and webinars. Some of the pages I designed are below.

Additionally, I created custom spot graphics, illustrations, icons, and selected stock photography. Ensuring use of consistent styles and components was also part of my responsibilities, and I advocated for the adoption of new software and tools.
Zenni is a large online eyeglass retailer that made a substantial effort to expand its customer base. As part of this endeavor, they underwent a rebrand, creating a fresh identity and design system. In line with this rebranding, all the major pages on the website required redesigning. The revamped pages were delivered with both desktop and mobile views.

My role

I worked through UX content strategy, and information architeture at wireframe level and later proceeded to detailed visual design.

I delivered final designs for product category pages, checkout forms, search and filtering tools, hero-level sliders, photo selection and retouching.
The State of Customer Engagement Report
Every year, Twilio launches a special report featuring custom research generated by analyzing trends in business and communication. This marquee report is heavily promoted and significantly contributes to driving sales.

My role

I was responsible for the look and feel of the report in 2023. This involved creating sample layouts, putting together the design system, defining components, type styles, graphic rules, selecting photography, establishing ad guidelines, and crafting sample social posts.

The design work was completed before the content was finalized for implementation by an external agency. The report was primarily viewed online but was also made available as a PDF format. It was delivered in five languages. To gain approval from company stakeholders, I prototyped page animation treatments to showcase the visual concept.